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Oculus Quest 64GB ( Kèm 42 Game )

Giá: 13,490,000 VNĐ

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Kính Oculus Rift S 2019 ( kèm 700 game )

Giá: 12,900,000 VNĐ

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PCVR01 ( Oculus Rift S + GTX1650 + Corei3 9100F )

Giá: 25,390,000 VNĐ

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PCVR02 ( Oculus Rift S + RTX2060 + Corei5 9400F )

Giá: 31,440,000 VNĐ

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Kính Acer + Motion Controller (Kèm 500 Game )

  • Giá bán: 12,500,000 VNĐ

  • Giá khuyến mãi: 8,000,000 VNĐ

  • Bảo hành: 6 tháng

  • Thương hiệu: Acer   Xuất xứ: United States

  • Màu sắc: Black

  • Tình trạng: Kính + 2 Tay Cầm

  • Full box bao gồm:

Tăng gói game kinh doanh siêu thị trị giá 50 triệu ( Beat Saber, FallOut 4, Skyrim, Doom VR, Arizona Sunshine,.. )

Được trợ giá bởi Acer VietNam chỉ còn 8 triệu.







Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset Developer Edition + Motion Controller

Immersive experiences are in high demand. And mixed reality is going to be accessible to many more users in the near future. The upcoming Windows Mixed Reality headsets will pair out-of-box with Windows Mixed Reality-ready PCs. Create the thrilling mixed reality experiences that can reach the masses.

The Acer Mixed Reality Developer Edition Headset is available for developers only. By purchasing, you hereby agree to the Terms of Use and Sale.* All sales are final and non-refundable. PC specifications for headsets may vary.




Two high-resolution liquid crystal displays at 1440 x 1440
2.89” diagonal display size (x2)
Front hinged display
95 degrees horizontal field of view
Display refresh rate up to 90 Hz (native)
Built-in audio out and microphone support through 3.5mm jack
Single cable with HDMI 2.0 (display) and USB 3.0 (data) for connectivity
Inside-out tracking
4.00m cable
System recommendations for app developers

Operating systems
Windows 10 – Creators Update (Developer Mode enabled)

Desktop: Intel Desktop i7 (6+ Core) OR AMD Ryzen 7 1700 (8-Core, 16 threads)

Graphics GPU
Desktop: NVIDIA GTX 980/1060 | AMD Radeon RX 480 (8GB) equivalent or greater | DX12 and WDDM 2.2 capable GPU
Graphics drivers
Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 2.2
Thermal design power
15W or greater
HMD connectors
HDMI 1.4 or Display Port 1.2 for 60 Hz HMDs
HDMI 2.0 or Display Port 1.2 for 90 Hz HMDs
1x available graphics display port for HMD
SVGA (800x600)
Bit depth 32 bits of color per pixel 
16GB or greater

>10GB additional free space

1x available USB port for HMD
USB 3.0 Type-A
Note: USB must supply a minimum of 900mA

>Bluetooth 4.0 (for accessory connectivity)

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